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This deviation was deleted

Vision: Aesthetically, this piece is remarkable. I really enjoy the placement of everything in the composition. She looks literally awake and terrified, or herself and whoever sees her. The shadow below the claw is amazing, I think it adds to the background.

Originality: I think this piece is highly original. I mean, ppl are into making hot chicks beastified, but this is just brutal. Some gorgeous chick being taken over by her personal demons. She has a lot to take care of, if she even bothers.

Technique: I LOVE YOUR LINE WORK. There's so much variety in line weight, and that makes it pop out even more. I really enjoy the hair, it's almost realistic. DAT HAND, I love it. And that crazy swiggly skin shit, amazing! I really love how you do eyes too.

Impact: This piece has a lot more impact on myself personally, than you'd think. I believe there is no such thing as innocence, and for some reason, I feel and see some of that in this piece. It definitely defines humanity accurately. We all have our demons, we are all demons today. A lot of us are gorgeous and the outside, but ugly on the inside, and that makes you worse than ugly. Sometimes... only, if you have evil intentions. LOL Like, not giving a fuck about ANYTHING and being a sadistic ass. Sometimes, having a brutal mean side helps too...

Anyways, I think the ONLY thing that's bothering me, is the arm. Seems a tad too thick, unless.. that's the demon in her.

Hope this helped!
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